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Fill & Finish

The Korea Bio Parmaceutical CMO Center's finished line consists of aseptic filling vial, lyophilization, and Pre-filled Syringe, and has equipments to produce high-quality medicines that meet cGMP standards.

Vial Production line

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Vial Washing


Vial Filling


The vial production line is a production facility manufactured and delivered by Bosch, and consists of vial washing, heating tunnel sterilization, filling, and cap criming processes, in-line and automated equipments.


It is a production line dedicated to liquid or lyophilization vial injections that can be produced according to the amount of filling that meets customer requests and is produced at a maximum speed of 12,000 vials/hr.

- Lyophilization (ULVAC) 25,025 vials/batch

The fully automatic filling type vial filling machine is dispensed with a peristaltic pump for each needle and is a equipment that can produce the highest quality products composed of accurate content management and advanced system. temperature, humidity, differential pressure in the workplace, and cleanliness are monitored and managed in real time.

Pre-filled Syringe Line

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프리필드 시린지 2번.jpg

Nested pre-sterilized syringes are used to provide high flexibility, short switching time, and excellent process quality.

- Manufacturer: Groninger

-Capacity : 12,000 SR / hr

Small batch Production

분주기 캡핑기.jpg

Aseptically producing vials and syringes for clinical and non-clinical use in BSC

- Optimized for small batch products.

- Table top filling machine and capping machine

- 300 vials or SR / hr

​Packaging Line

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cryogenic storage

Vial Code Printing

CCIT (Container Close Integrity Testing)

Visual inspection of Vial or syringe

Automatic vial labeler

Customized carton packaging

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