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​Process Development

Upstream Process Development


In order to reach the desired goals and productivity, a culture process optimized for the characteristics of cell lines is required. Experts at the korea biopharmaceutical center provide upstream process development services to maximize the potential of cell lines through optimized culture process design, development, and screening based on specialized cell lines understanding and analysis.


Downstream Process Development


It designs, develops, and selects refining processes optimized for target proteins through the identification of risk levels of numerous impurities that can occur in all drug production processes and accurate protein analysis to provide safety and representation of high-purity drugs.

Analytical Development


Accurately grasping the drug's efficacy, pharmacology, and toxicity by considering the mechanism of action, complex properties, and binding activity of biopharmaceuticals is essential for the safety of drugs. It designs and develops an analysis method that can confirm the biological and physical properties of proteins, performs an accurate analysis method to evaluate the quality and identity of medicines, and provides an analysis method optimized for process development.

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