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Drug Substance  - Culture

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Cell culture

Adherent Cell Line


Cell Factory Culture System Using ACFM

Mass culture of adherent cells is available.
It is easy to scale up from seed culture to the main culture.
One cart which consists of four flasks of a 40-layer cell factory can culture as much as the area of around five hundred T-175 ㎠ flasks.

Eppendorf BioFlo 320 14L Reactor (Fibra Cell Disk) Culture System

With its working volume of 10.5 L, it is possible to mass-scale cultivate adherent cells, and it is as same scale of culture capacity as one hundred

10-layer cell factory.
Perfusion culture is available, and both Single-use and Re-use are available.


Univercells Scale - X (Fixed-bed Bioreactor) Culture Systems

Perfusion culture is available, and in process of it, cell counting is possible with sampling.
It is a Single-use bioreactor, and Tangential Flow Filtration(TFF) is available.

Suspension Cell Line

[ Cell Bank ]


[ Seed culture #2 ]

[ Main culture ]

[ Seed culture #1 ]

- Vial (WCB) thawing

- Flask culture

- 2 D Bag culture (Single-use type)

-3 D Bag culture (Single-use type)

- Virus infection

- C.C.F harvest

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CO2 Incubator

With a scale of 5 to 10 L, it provides a cell growth environment through CO2 gassing and humidity maintenance when culturing seed cells.


Wave Bioreactor

The air circulation method : rocking.     Provide various conditions compared to CO2 incubator when culturing seed cells.
pH maintenance using CO2, DO control through O2 supply.
Collect samples via sampling port and analyze the condition of culture fluid.



The air circulation method : stirring. 

basic function is similar to wave bioreactor, but it can cultivate precisely.
Various port configurations facilitate additional solution feeding and virus infection.
Gas switch Overlay/Sparger.


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