Vision And Goal


Strategic nurturing of the vaccine industry as a national key industry,

To be a Leaser of vaccine industry with the self-sufficiency of vaccine

- Word top 5 leader of vaccine industry by 2025 -


Build an infra of animal cell-based vaccine production upon international GMP standard

Promotional Strategy

Vaccine market share

1.9%(2012) > 4.0%(2025)

Domestic market share

12.0%(2012) >23.3%(2025)

Self-sufficiency rate of vaccine

30.0% > 80.0%(2025)

Produce vaccine and build an infra of animal cell-based vaccine manufacturing system upon international GMP standard

Promotion Work

Build s HW system to enables various types of animal cell-based vaccine products 

Animal cell-based vaccine software suitable for PQS required by international GMP standard

Support analyzing optimization of animal cell-based vaccine process required by international GMP