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Bio pharmaceuticals/vaccine clinical specimens and consignment Manufacturing of commercial products.
Quality control and assurance.
Commercialization support. 
Training of GMP professionals.
Support and stockpile of public vaccines in case of emergency.


GMP Facility

Establishing a global-level GMP vaccine facility that can support the production of non-clinical and clinical samples of vaccine candidates to promote global industrialization of vaccines.



More information about the center.


Welcome to the website of the Korea bio Pharmaceutical CMO Center of Vaccine Global Industrialization Foundation, which will lead the global industrialization of vaccines.

Vaccines are the most effective measures to protect the human body from infectious diseases, and their health and social ripple effects are great. Therefore, securing vaccine sovereignty is a major measure of the country's competitiveness and national security capabilities. In order to improve public health and reduce the burden of national medical expenses, industrialization of vaccines is a necessary part, and this is why Korea needs to secure vaccine sovereignty.


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